it’s so weird writing posts i haven’t written anything proper in a year and i spent that year writing short tweets so you’ll probably see weird posts like this till i get used to this


Account Give-Away

Hey guys it’s missstar864(Shania)

I know Sally went to another blog,but this was one of the blogs I didn’t get deleted on yet,so I decided to post it here.

I am doing an Account Give-away.

I don’t like fantage anymore,it seems baby-ish,and I am playing another game called stardoll,and I make youtube videos.Comment your username down below if you play on stardoll.My user is Shania_Ahmed

How to Join:

-Be followed to Shania Ahmed(shaniaahmed.wordpress.com)

-Be Subscribed to my channel,Shania Ahmed (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr9ksvkCO03f930fMv-ZXEA)

-Comment your email

Bye guys!


Draw free

1-I’m sick 😦

2-I’m playing draw free and I’m in this kind of tournament and I’m stuck on this pic so plz help 😊😊😊

If u don’t know ask ur friends if they don’t know ask ur mum if she doesn’t know ask ur neighbours if they doesn’t know ask ur cat if it doesn’t know ask the ant that’s lurking in ur room 😀

kiosk 8G-8

hi guys !!

can u plz buy from my kiosk? (well my backup account XD)

all for min

all for nons

kiosk is  8G-8

limited or expired 

white polka dot sweater : 1200

red antlers :500

snowflake hair pin :540

i can also sell scout top , blue heart tee, pink kimo , fairy dress,alice shoes, rubix cube, thank you board, dragon board, blue parrot , new years glasses, purple batwings and flower head band 🙂

• Main Account Giveaway! •


**UPDATE** Please specify your WordPress name when you send me an account! Thank you. (I’m uploading the inventory to YouTube as I’m writing this post.)

As I promised in yesterday’s post, I will be giving away my main Fantage account! Before I show any of the items it has to offer you, I want to list some rules and how to get in.

1. Do not ban the account, ever. (If I find out that you shared the password with anyone or banned it, I will change the password.
2. Don’t delete any buddies. You can add them, just don’t delete any.
3. Have fun!

Yes, you can transfer the items from my account to your main one. I won’t be stopping you.

Now, for the main part of the giveaway- how to get in. This giveaway will be ending July 25th, 2015. This will be 100% randomized, I…

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